Historic Gun Patents

A collection of original famous gun patents, including the Colt revolver, Winchester rifle, Henry rifle, + Smith and Wesson, Remington, Gatling Gun, and more.
 211 pages $29.99 + $4.95 shipping

1st book in a series of Historic Patent Books by John Anello Jr. JD

Harmonic Deception

Fast paced, entertaining, and witty… a great ride through today’s music business.

Tonight will make Liz Hanlon’s career.

But someone wants her dead…

Tonight’s performance could make Liz Hanlon’s career. For Liz, the night is magical until three teenage girls in outlandish disguises burst into the LA nightclub with assault weapons. In minutes, two hundred patrons have been stripped of their cell phones and valuables, one man is dead, two others wounded. As the robbers make their getaway, the shooter’s belligerent remarks let Liz know this is more than a random attack… and she is the target.

Desperate to expose the shooter before she attacks again, Liz seeks help from an eccentric investigator and her brother, an attorney, but neither they nor the police detectives believe the crime was personal.

Her debut is on hold, her love life in a tailspin. She devises a perilous plan to draw the shooter out of hiding, but the girl makes a counterattack, and face to face, Liz’s desire for revenge forces her to make a choice.

By morning, it’s over, or so it seems. But an unresolved issue from the past comes to light and it changes everything…

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High Notes are Murder

“High Notes are Murder” deals with longing, revenge, and greed as it weaves its way through the darkest corners of the music business. For Liz Hanlon, a heroine with aspirations to sing and compose on a grand scale, rumors about a scandalous family history emerge when she discovers the body of her cousin at the foot of the stage where she is about to perform. Soon after, another close friend is murdered. 

Liz receives eerie messages that mark her as the next target. To save her career and her own life, she must find the killer.